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The Best & Most Comfortable Holster For Women

The Best Womens Holster - The Story Of The Design Concept

At Ultimate Holsters, we set out to design the best women's holster ever.

It's no secret that the firearms industry has not done a great job delivering products for female shooters. We wanted to be different. It was important for Ultimate Holsters to really deliver not just a better product, but a more intelligently designed holster that addresses real concerns from real women that carry a firearm on a daily basis.

For us, gun shows offered a great chance to meet and speak to many women as they searched for better holster options. It was at these shows we learned some of the pieces that the industry was missing. A recurring theme of our chats was that holster makers were assuming the user is wearing a gun belt. Clearly, this was not practical and serves to severely limit wardrobe choices while carrying for many women. Worse yet, what we learned was that when a good , comfortable carry method was not available, sometimes the gun would be left at home or carried in a purse.
We knew there had to be a better way! We wanted to empower women to carry anytime, and with any clothing that they are comfortable in.

How did we create the best womens holster ever?

We knew that it would need to fulfill all of the following requirements:


1. Secure Designed That Would NOT Require A Belt

2. All-Day Comfort

3. Built-In Ride Height Adjustment

4. Adjustable Gun Retention 

The Solution: The Cloud Tuck Belt-Less

By using a unique clip design that is adjustable for different fabrics, the holster allows for secure attachment to any fabric from skirts or yoga pants to basketball shorts.  This liberating design means that you CAN CARRY IN THE CLOTHING YOU WANT

IG'er @bullets.n.bows shown here with her Cloud Tuck Beltess and Glock 42

The Most Comfortable IWB Womens Holster For Hip Carry

If hip carry at the 3-5 O'clock position is more comfortable for you, our Cloud Tuck Hybrid is the perfect option. This is our classic hybrid holster design that is available optional UltiClips. These rugged clips also attached directly to any fabric making them a great option for most any outfit. The UltiClips offer the ability to use the holster without a belt if 

Since this holster places the clips out to either side of the gun, it's design helps to stabilize and to distribute the weight of larger guns. This makes for a more comfortable all-day carry experience. Perfect for concealing mid size firearms like the Shield or Glock 19, By using different size backers for different guns, we keep the excess material to a minimum ensuring the gun is a perfect fit to the platform.

IG'er @ArmedAlys shown here with the Cloud Tuck Hybrid With Ulticlips and her Smith & Wesson Shield

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