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Cloud Tuck Belt-Less Holster - IWB Hybrid Holster Designed to Need No Belt – Anti-bacterial Padding

Cloud Tuck Belt-Less Holster - IWB Hybrid Holster Designed to Need No Belt – Anti-bacterial Padding

$ 84.99 $ 99.99

Please note: Each one of these holsters are handcrafted and made to order. Please check our lead time page for the most updated estimated delivery time information.  Average lead time will be 10-16 weeks for most orders.

A Holster Designed specifically for Women, Guys Love It Too!

Attending numerous gun shows, the overwhelming feedback from female shooters was the lack of holsters that could be worn with yoga pants, track pants or any clothing without a belt. This holster is the answer to that dilemma. 

The Cloud Tuck Rapid has been designed for comfort and durability by using only the finest materials available. No expense was spared to bring the materials together to form the Ultimate small footprint hybrid.

  • ADJUSTABLE CANT ANGLE - Allows you to fine tune your holster to perfection.
  • ADJUSTABLE RIDE HEIGHT - Raise and lower the height quickly and easily.
  • BACKER SIZED TO YOUR GUN - Different size platforms for maximum comfort.
  • FULL CUSTOMIZATION AVAILABLE - Available in your choice of shell colors.
  • MOST HYGIENIC HOLSTER EVER - The Worlds first silver-infused holsters!
  • ALL DAY COMFORT - Soft, light , strong, this holster was designed to make carrying easier!
  • CONSTRUCTED FROM THE FINEST MATERIALS - From the brass washers to the medical-grade, Silver infused platform, the goal was nothing short of concealed carry perfection.

Hybrid Platform Perfection

The compact leather platform is available in different sizes to perfectly suite your handgun. The Premium top-grain black leather is backed by a thin, yet soft padding with a top layer that is silver infused. In an industry first, the long known antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of fine silver has been used to upgrade your concealed carry experience. Costs have typically relegated silver infused products to medical, aerospace and military products until NOW. With the introduction of the Silver Lining, Ultimate Holsters has brought all day carry comfort and hygiene to the next level.


The Best Hybrid Holster Available?

In addition to being more hygienic, the Ultimate Holsters' Silver Lining material provides just the right amount of friction to help keep your gun in place. The material also creates a water barrier to keep your gun protected from corrosive sweat, while the antimicrobial properties of the pure silver infused keep the holster fresh and ready for all day use.

Each holster is hand made specifically for your firearm. If you do not see your model available, or would like to speak about custom options, feel free to call us or send us an email.

Available for a wide range of today's most popular firearms. in your choice of custom colors


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