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How to Choose The Best Hybrid Holster For Your Needs

How do you know which Hybrid Holster will be right for you?  

To determine the type of holster that will work best for you, it is helpful to start of by deciding where you would like to carry.

Appendix Carry (1-2 O'Clock) -  Our Rapid single clip hybrids are the most popular choice. The Rapid's small size and fully adjustable belt clip mean that you setup the holster up for maximum comfort. 

Hip Carry (3-5 O'Clock) -  Our 2 clip Model, the Cloud Tuck Hybrid is best suited for a hip carry at the 3-5 o'clock position. While our 2 clip Cloud Tuck hybrid was designed specifically for hip carry, our single clip Rapid works great here as well. With its' built in adjustment, you can add a bit of angle to help get a perfect firing grip before drawing.

No Belt Carry - Originally designed for women, the Cloud Tuck Belt-Less Holster has become a favorite of both men and women alike. Designed for carrying smaller guns on skirts, yoga / track pants and basketball shorts where using a thick gun belt is not an option.

Outside / On The Belt - Our OWB holster is designed for a close and comfortable ride. Since this holster rides close to the body, it can be concealed with a shirt or a jacket. It is primarily designed as an open carry or range holster.

Maximum Concealment -  Our  2 clip Model, the Cloud Tuck Hybrid  model is perfect if maximum concealment is required. When paired with the optional Ulticlips, this setup is nearly undetectable, even with a tucked shirt. Since the Ulticlips attach to the pants directly, your belt will cover the clips for maximum discretion. 

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