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The Best Hybrid Holster Buyer Guide

How to Choose The Best Hybrid Holster For Your Needs

How do you know which Hybrid Holster will be right for you?   To determine the type of holster that will work best for you, it is helpful to start of by deciding where you would like to carry. Appendix Carry (1-2 O'Clock) -  Our Rapid single clip hybrids are the most popular choice. The Rapid's small size and fully adjustable belt clip mean that you setup the holster up for maximum comfort.  Hip Carry (3-5 O'Clock) -  Our 2 clip Model, the Cloud Tuck Hybrid is best suited for a hip carry at the 3-5 o'clock position. While our 2 clip Cloud Tuck hybrid was designed specifically...

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The Best & Most Comfortable Holster For Women

The Best Womens Holster - The Story Of The Design Concept At Ultimate Holsters, we set out to design the best women's holster ever. It's no secret that the firearms industry has not done a great job delivering products for female shooters. We wanted to be different. It was important for Ultimate Holsters to really deliver not just a better product, but a more intelligently designed holster that addresses real concerns from real women that carry a firearm on a daily basis. For us, gun shows offered a great chance to meet and speak to many women as they searched for better holster...

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The Most Concealable Hybrid Holster Available - Even The Belt Clips Are Hidden!

The Most Concealable Holster Ever Designed! Our 2 clip Model, the Cloud Tuck Hybrid model is perfect if maximum concealment is required. When paired with the optional Ulticlips, this setup is nearly undetectable, even with a tucked-in shirt. Since the Ulticlips attach directly to your pants, your belt will actually cover the clips for maximum discretion when carrying.   

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