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Ultimate Holsters Glock 42 - Cloud Tuck - The Best IWB Hybrid Holster for the 42

Ultimate Holsters Glock 42 - Cloud Tuck - The Best IWB Hybrid Holster for the 42

$ 84.99

The Best Glock42 Holster. The Cloud Tuck IWB is the best choice for concealed carry.

Are you looking for the best Holster available for your Glock42? If so, the Ultimate Holsters Cloud Tuck was designed from the ground up to deliver the Ultimate Glock42 concealed carry experience. Designed for serious shooters, no expense was spared when choosing materials or during production. Ultimate Holsters are all proudly manufactured here in the United States. The platforms are expertly crafted by leather artisans with decades of experience. Our attention to detail and extreme quality control shines through in our finished product. This Cloud Tuck design is more comfortable, and of a higher quality than anything else on the market.

If you prefer appendix carry or single clip convenience we have this gun model available in our single clip Cloud Tuck Rapid Model Available HERE

The Most Comfortable Glock™ 42 IWB Holster Ever!

The Cloud Tuck Platinum was designed from the ground up to be the highest quality, best designed, and most comfortable IWB holster ever made.

Our obsession with comfort is simple. The old saying goes, "Holsters should be comforting, not comfortable". In the real world, if you have a holster that is not comfortable, some days, it will stay in the draw. 

Do not go unprotected. Ultimate Holsters wants to see you Comfortably carry everyday. That is why the Cloud Tuck IWB is concealable, discreet, secure and quiet. The design is worlds ahead of any other hybrid style. Designed to be comfortable from day 1, there is no break in period.  Try one for yourself!

The Most Concealable Glock 42 Hybrid IWB Holster

We chose the Ulti-Clip over standard belt clips for this design. Ulti-Clip simply performs better than every other belt clip / retention method. It's superior design for hiding the clip entirely BEHIND YOUR belt. It clips directly to the top of your pants, NOT OVER THE BELT. What that means is there is no "dead give-away" spring steel clip hanging down past your belt! The Ulti-Clips' unique design even allows for very secure use with no belt at all

This holster expands your choice of clothing to wear while carrying your firearm.

 FAQs -

What is The Cloud Tuck Platform made of?

Our exclusive 3 layer platform was custom designed for a lifetime of secure and comfortable   use. The top layer against the gun is rugged top grain leather. The middle layer is the Cloud layer, soft, yet waterproof. It was chosen for its ability to protect your gun from sweat and moisture ,while simultaneously improving the holsters' fit and comfort. The final layer that is worn against the body is premium, super-soft suede. This material was picked for its' all day comfort. You can actually forget that you have this holster is on.

Why do you use screws instead of rivets to hold the shell to the backer?

The Cloud Tuck uses screws for several reasons, primarily adjust-ability. When you rivet the shell to a backer, you are left having to deform the shell if you ever want to increase the retention. With Ultimate Holsters, simply use a Philips screwdriver.

Why not just use regular belt clips that I recognize?

We have partnered with ULTI CLIP to provide the true ultimate concealed carry solution. These premium US made clips have a 50 LB (!) rating EACH! (see photos) To top it off, they clip discreetly to the top of your pants, behind your belt! They provide Ultimate Discretion and Ultimate Retention. If you really like to crank up the retention on your holster, but do not want to worry about the holster popping off with your draw, this is a must. They are more expensive, but we think that they are well worth it, and you will too.


What is your guarantee and return policy?

Our Ultimate Risk Free Guarantee means you can try out our holster for 30 days. In the unlikely event it doesn't meet your needs, you can send it back to us for a full refund.

These are the best, highest quality, most comfortable holsters on the market. Try it for yourself, and see why other hybrid holsters across the country have been relegated to the drawer. Once you try our Ultimate Holster, there is no going back to a lesser hybrid. All products carry a lifetime guarantee.

What is the goal of Ultimate Holsters?

Ultimate Holsters is built on the principal that it is worthwhile to invest in the BEST way to carry your pistol. We want to bring higher quality and craftsmanship to more concealed carriers.If you carry everyday (as we recommend) for a year, the Cloud Tuck works out to only 21 cents per day. That is less than 21 cents per day, to carry the Ultimate in holster comfort, technology and firearm protection. This holster will raise the bar for your expectations of quality. There is no other holster like it.

Don't Have a Glock 42 ? Chances are, We have your gun covered!

Currently, we have a Cloud Tuck available for over 80 different gun models. New options are being added all the time, and models with multiple requests take a high priority. If you don't see your gun, email or call us today, as we may have a prototype in the works already.


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